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1:1 is the New 4×3

In the past few weeks, square crops of movie trailers have been showing up, mostly on Facebook and Twitter. They were clearly created for the benefit of viewers using a phone in portrait orientation. People in my extended Twitter circles … Continue reading

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Google Glass and Brainstorm

Is it just me? The new Google Glass demo video totally the same as the demo that Christopher Walken and his team put together in Brainstorm? Am I right? And, if you are interested in Brainstorm‘s change in aspect ratio, … Continue reading

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Typing on the Nostromo: The Matias Tactile Pro USB Keyboard

In my mind, this is what using a computer keyboard should be like: OK, maybe not the beeping on each keystroke, but damn, you know when you hit a key and if you missed. The first computer I ever used … Continue reading

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Fitness Tools for Nerds

I’m about one month into my new health and fitness thing and making great progress toward both losing weight and getting more generally healthy. This time around, technology is a big part of what I’m doing and I think a … Continue reading

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The Leckman Media Server Hardware Set Up

Our trusty Mac Mini is the hub of the Leckman media library This page will outline our media server set up and its various components. I’ll also share my process for converting DVDs and Blu-Ray discs for streaming to an … Continue reading

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Apple TV Gremlins

This is purely a “this happened to me and if it happens to you, try this…” post. About two years ago, we got an Apple TV and set up a Mac Mini as a dedicated media server. I promise to … Continue reading

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Things I Want to See on my iPad Some Day

Having a bigger screen to cart around the house to watch movies and TV shows on is reason enough for me to want an iPad, but I’ve been daydreaming about some other things I’d love to use it for. And … Continue reading

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Testing the Artistic Value of Stereo Cinema

“The Future of Cinema” is Calling… Predictably, Avatar has re-opened all the debates about the usefulness of stereo cinematography as a storytelling device. It is interesting to look at arguments against 3D and insert the words “sound” or “color” or … Continue reading

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