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Blade in the Face Shots

When I saw this sequence in Jack the Giant Slayer

…how could I not immediately think of this shot from Mission Impossible?

OK, to be honest, my first thought on seeing that sequence was “Oh, come on! They landed in a pillow factory!”

I know there must be more “blade in the face” shots. Let me know!

3 comments on “Blade in the Face Shots

  1. Is it too art school to mention, “Un Chien Andalou”? Maybe just Honorable Mention…

    • Gaaa! You just made me cringe! “Blade in the face” not across the eye! Aaaaah! Every time I remember that shot it takes me like a month to forget it!

  2. Mr Incredible vs the Omnidroid? Not sure if Beowulf spear in the eye counts? Why can I only think of CG films?

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