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Cinematic Musical Echoes in 1980

First, watch these two short clips and listen to the music.

So, what is that? Now, I have an audio super-sensitivity when it comes to Alien. When I was a kid, a friend with a Betamax made me recordings of Alien by putting a cassette recorder in front of their TV and I listened to it over and over and over. The sound and music of that film are part of me. I’ve recognize the ambient computer hum from Alien in about a dozen movies.

Anyway, when I was listening to the audio commentary for The Shining on the way home from work yesterday, the commentary stopped during this scene. When I heard that music cue, I didn’t see Jack Nicholson in my head, I saw Tom Skerritt!

Not the same piece, but such a similar orchestration! I make no claims that there is any connection between the two films, just pointing out a resonance.

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