Holiday on Hoth


It all started with a simple idea: we should freeze the feet of a Luke Skywalker action figure in a block of ice and hang him upside down in a snow cave.

Every Thanksgiving, Beca’s family rents a cabin on Lake Cascade near their home in Idaho. It’s snowed each year and Annika and I thought it would be fun to bring all the Hoth figures we had between us (and buy a new Tauntaun set from Target). Then the Luke idea hit. Then it seemed silly not to take pictures.

Below are a slideshow and gallery with the results.

Next trip could possibly be to the Santa Cruz redwoods…yub nub!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 comments on “Holiday on Hoth

  1. Endless Swarm

    Beautiful shots. Great combo of the new and vintage figs!

  2. Awesome!

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