The Devil on The People’s Court

9 comments on “The Devil on The People’s Court

  1. This is one of my favorite SNL skits ” I AM A BAR FLY YOUR HONOR . . ” lolol

  2. Phillycop

    Brilliant sketch, well written from beginning to end. Lovitz was perfect!

  3. Truman Democrat

    God, Jan Hooks was funny. RIP Jan. I loved your talent and thanks for the laughter…

  4. 6:50 to 7:03 is classic. That laugh….and when he tells the bailiff “wait, wait one second”….LOL

  5. John Lovitz is a GREAT comic! This is one of the best sketches ever! Take note new sat.live.This is how its done.Funny stuff.

  6. Thanks for posting this clip. Of so many pants peeingly funny sketches, this is one of my all time favs!

  7. I miss you Jan and God took you too soon. I know you’re in heaven – Rest In Peace.

  8. Comedy at it’s best…Jon Lovitz, Jan Hooks, Phil Hartman & Kevin Nealon. What a cast…so many GREAT memories!

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