Stormtrooper Projects

A good meal starts with quality ingredients...

A couple of months ago, I had a flash of realization that the vinyl Stormtrooper kit I was looking at on E-Bay was 1/6 scale (about 12″ tall) and so were the “blank” True Type action figures I’d seen in Singapore. I could make a highly detailed, super articulate stormtrooper. I found  much cheaper (and probably not as good) Art S. Buck figure at Blick along with acrylic paint in a spray can (I have yet to unpack my airbrush). Because the stormtrooper model is vinyl, I can’t use enamel paint such as Krylon (it will never dry…ever). Acrylic spray paint is genius!

The cheap articulated figure I got has really strange proportions and will need heavy modification, but the trooper armor is great! Soon I will have a stormtrooper puppet to get into all sorts of shenanigans. Stop-motion and forced perspective photography are on the table! I’m going to thank the stromtrooper costume fabrication and cosplay community in advance for all of their detailed reference. Now I really miss working someplace with a stormtrooper in the lobby.

Coincidentally, I also started another stormtrooper themed project this weekend, but to proceed with that, I need to wait for the silkscreen supplies I ordered to arrive. Moo ha ha.

3 comments on “Stormtrooper Projects

  1. Isn’t there somewhere in LA with a stormtrooper in a window display? Or perhaps i’m thinking of Gort… In any case, Excelsior!

  2. Gort is certainly here. Annika and I sometimes pick our route so we go by him. There must be a stormtrooper on display someplace. I’ll ask Gort next time we drive by.

  3. Looks like a fun project! Remember the RPF is a great place for reference, but I can’t think that you’ll need much. Post many updates!

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