Changi Business Park from Expo MRT: Then and Now

Changi Business Park from Expo MRT

Here are the two pictures I took almost exactly 3 years apart.

As I was going through Singapore today, I discovered these two guys, both taken somewhat randomly. The first is the first photo I took in Singapore. When Lucasfilm flew me out for a few days of interviews in 2007, I took the MRT into town from the airport. and snapped a photo of the sun rising as I came out of a tunnel. Nothing exciting, just a hastily-taken iPhone photo.

The other is a photo I took while waiting for the train after work last month. I was testing the WordPress iPhone app and wanted to test photo uploading. Again, nothing exciting, just a hastily-taken iPhone photo.

It wasn’t until today that I realized they were taken looking the same direction from points only a few meters from each other…and three years from each other. I had unexpectedly documented both my arrival and exit from Singapore and the amazing development of Changi Business Park. That green, curved building on the edge of each photo is the Signature Building, home to Lucasfilm Singapore. I didn’t know this when I took that first photo in 2007.

Also, the first one is at sunrise, the second at sunset.

Another data point. That big field in the first photo remained a big field for over a year after I got to Lucasfilm. It used to have a pack of wild dogs you could watch from windows in the Recruiting Department. They all dissapeared overnight shortly before construction began on the site.

The dogs, not the Recruiting Department, I mean.

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