Winter Facial Hair Poll

OK, it’s a time of change and transition. I’m feeling like changing up the facial hair and also wanted to try out the WordPress survey widget. And “presto!” here is your chance to weigh in on what my face looks like. I reserve the right to ignore your feedback, but don’t let that stop you from sharing your suggestions for other options.

The first flaw I’ve discovered in the poll is that it doesn’t display the “other” entries that folks have added. Lame! Here they are:

  • This
  • The Cavalier Moustache (2 votes)
  • stache it up, fuzzball!
  • dirty sanchez ‘stache
  • A boolean expression of A – B please
  • clean as a whistle!
  • Handlebars
  • Willie Nelson
  • Star burns!
  • The Lemmy
  • Fu Manchu
  • handlebars 🙂
  • ZZ tad
  • sinister mustache!
  • none

3 comments on “Winter Facial Hair Poll

  1. I voted B, with a Door Knocker/Van Dyke caveat. (Longer goatee, please.)

  2. Oh jeez. This is looking dire.

  3. I’m starting to suspect none of these voters actually like you, or me.

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