Apple TV Gremlins

Apple TV ImageThis is purely a “this happened to me and if it happens to you, try this…” post.

About two years ago, we got an Apple TV and set up a Mac Mini as a dedicated media server. I promise to post about the set up soon, but this post is about what broke with that awesome set up this weekend.

Normally, all of the movies in iTunes on the Mini show up on the Apple TV. But mysteriously, after a restart of iTunes (or the Apple TV, or the upgrade to iTunes 10, or…) only three (of the now over 500) movies were showing up. TV shows, on the other hand, were behaving as expected. WTF? I tried everything:

  • Restarting everything
  • Repairing permissions
  • Re-import some movies
  • Rebuilding drive directories
  • Checked all preferences everywhere
  • Syncing and re-syncing

I found no helpful posts anywhere on the Internets and was about to delete and re-import everything. Then I noticed the check boxes…all of which were not checked…aside from the three random movies that did show up!

I’m not sure how all the movies got unchecked in iTunes, but they did. I guess a checked box means: “Serve me up to the Apple TV!”

So, that was the answer. If you have items that you expect to show up on your Apple TV that aren’t, check the check boxes!

1 comment on “Apple TV Gremlins

  1. Tip: To check all boxes, hold down the Command (cmd) key and click on one of the checkboxes with the mouse.

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