Flecks/Community Crossover

I am one of the proud founding members of ILM’s in-house, MST3K-style, real-time movie commentary group. Called Flecks (for reasons that need not be detailed here), the gang meets monthly to watch and mock bad films (preferably with a colleague in the room who actually worked on it).This week’s episode of Communityfeatured a sub-plot about watching bad movies with your friend and making fun of them. I edited together a clip of those scenes for your enjoyment.What’s that you say? You’re not watching Community. Then you are missing out on the best TV comedy out there right now.

What’s that? You don’t watch bad movies and mock them with your friends? I suggest you start with Star Worms II (available on VHS only). Also check out the three pillars of movie mockery for inspiration:

Bonus items in this clip: A Wilhelm and a purposely bad split screen comp.

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