Managing Expectations

Watching TV on the Discovery

I’m trying not to get swept up in the hype machine for this week’s Apple announcement…but…I just want to be able to buy one of these things from 2001. In fact, this is the most convincing “artist’s rendition” of what Apple might be announcing that I’ve seen so far. It’s very Apple (approaching B&O).

Plus, as a lifestyle ad, the message of this image is fantastic: don’t you want to be like these guys? Hanging out on their spaceship, watching the news while eating space food. Yeah, you do.

I also like the idea of HAL acting as a media server streaming content to their pads.

Again, not asking much…just what we were promised.

2 comments on “Managing Expectations

  1. So? The verdict?

  2. Ahahaha yes, that IS what I want! Space food on a spaceship and up-to-the-second-breaking SPACENEWS!

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