Mexican Halloween


Another example of Community at its best. I keep making salacious comments about “Mexican Halloween” and no one aside from Beca gets it and she just rolls her eyes at me.

A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned going for “Mexican breakfast” and I almost lost it.

Having Mexican Halloween in my head also didn’t help when my mother-in-law kept repeatedly asking Beca to toss the salad at Thanksgiving. I was not the only one in the cabin who was disturbed by that one…and she kept saying it!

My siblings-in-law have a running gag with us about innocuous-sounding names for depraved sex acts, so Kate and Nick, this Mexican Halloween clip is for you.

1 comment on “Mexican Halloween

  1. ha ha ha, we're not there yet, one more ep to go. in the meantime, gorilla face-mask.

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