Gleep Glop and the Floopdie Doos

For almost a week, this line from Role Models has been stuck in my head, my wife’s head and the heads of my poor siblings in-law. I quoted it a bit wrong (“gleep glorp” rather than the actual “gleep-glop”), but it stuck none the less. Here it is so that when it gets stuck in your head, it’s at least accurate.

If you have not seen this highly under-appreciated movie I suggest you do so. I got a copy at Target this weekend for $3.99!

This clip contains some coarse language and one reference to “Middle Earth” which may be offensive to individuals who know  “Middle Earth” as a sexual position.

4 comments on “Gleep Glop and the Floopdie Doos

  1. gleep glop! it's been almost 48 hours since we last played monopoly….GET HERE NOW.

  2. Wait! Role Models is actually worth watching?

  3. It has some moments and a lot of good lines.

  4. I agree with told all above.

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