8 km (5 mile) Walk Today

So, I up and went for a long walk today. Been feeling especially out of shape lately, so I set out to walk toward Orchard Road with the intention of catching the MRT back from Newton if I got too hot and tired.

But I kept going, all the way to Takashimaya. It took about 50 minutes to get there and I listened to Ira Glass Interview Joss Whedon on the way. A quick buzz through Kinokuniya (didn't buy anything!) and then downstairs to grab some fake bacon at Cold Storage, and then home.

I am absolutely a destination-focused walker. Treadmills do not do it for me at all. Singapore is big on treadmills (in air conditioned glass rooms).

I hesitated for just a moment at the Orchard MRT station, and ended up walking past it and all the way home!

I was super-sweaty and exhausted when I got home, but I feel great! I can tell, however, that my legs will be really achy tomorrow.

Now, the hard part is figuring out how to keep it up during the week. I may start by getting off at the Orchard or Newton MRT stations on the way home rather than at Novina. Of course, that would require leaving work at a reasonable hour…which I should be doing anyway. Maybe a swim in the morning before work and a walk from Newton in the evening.

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2 comments on “8 km (5 mile) Walk Today

  1. Wow, Tad! I can't tell what I'm more impressed by — your long trek, or your going to Kinokuniya and not buying anything. You are clearly made of sterner stuff than I, in both respects.

  2. Yay awesome! Did you get to see things you'd never seen before? That is my favorite thing about going for long walks through my town…

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