Bat Fight!

We went to the zoo yesterday both for Annika's benefit and mine. Annika loves the zoo, and I wanted to try out my new Lumix LX3 camera. In addition to getting used to shooting stills with it, I wanted to try out the 24p HD video recording feature.

Bats and lemurs seemed like the best possible subjects, and The Fragile Forest is our favorite exhibit at the zoo…

Neither lemurs nor bats disappointed. The movie at the left has been reduced to half-resolution for your web viewing pleasure and has color commentary by Annika as a bonus.

To get a better idea of why we love the Singapore Zoo, keep in mind one of the few complaints reviewers have had about my new camera: the lack of any real telephoto functionality from its 24-60mm equivalent lens. It's a great wide-angle camera. You just need to get really close to your subjects. And I did. And then they fought over sugar cane!

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5 comments on “Bat Fight!

  1. OH MY GOD I love them SO MUCH!! I've heard people keep them as pets in Indonesia? WANT!

  2. We think of your every time we go in there. The flying foxes are actually very foxy and cute… in a big batty way.We think of mko too, due to the lemurs. One of them looked very pregnant – maybe we'll get some lemur babies soon?

  3. Dude I totally want a Lumix LX3 now. And a fruit bat. TWO FRUIT BATS. But I mean, two that are friends.

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