No SIGGRAPH Trip This Year

So, I won't be going to L.A. for SIGGRAPH next week. It's the first year for a long time that I haven't gone. There's too much going on at the studio right now for me to get away for a week of SIGGRAPH and the week at the Lucas Homeworld that would help make the 16 hour flight from Singapore worth it.

Between working at ILM and teaching, my connections to the world animation, visual effects and video game development increase exponentially every year. Last year, SIGGRAPH was almost comical as I walked around the San Diego Convention Center and stopped every ten feet to chat with a former coworker from ILM or Academy of Art, a former (or current student), or a professor from another school. I joked with some friends that next time I woud just bring a card table and set up in the lobby and chat with folks as they walked by.

It will be wierd not to have my annual high-density friend catch-up opportunity.

Of course, if everyone comes to the first annual SIGGRAPH Asia in Singapore this December they can see me all over the place. No, seriously, you should all come!

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