Dropping the Other Shoe

So, my first batch of Jedi Masters Program apprentices graduated last week. Twelve of the thirteen made it through the six-month training in asset creation (modeling and texturing). After weeks of analysis and evaluation and schedule gazing and production predicting, we decided to offer jobs to six of them.

I just finished six hours of one-on-one meetings with the apprentices to let them know if they have a job to come to on Monday, or if they need to start looking for a job at another studio tonight.

It's been a long end to a long week, and I'm not done yet. I still have three hours of directed study with two visual effects students at a local school starting at 7:00PM.

This weekend is much needed.

Next week: Post Mortem!

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5 comments on “Dropping the Other Shoe

  1. Do you give them shiny awards like Princess Leia does at the end of Star Wars? Because that would rule.

  2. Ooh! Now I want to make him a headband with cinnamon-roll hair buns sewn to either side that he would have to pop on when handing out awards.

  3. No medals, but they did get certificates with Yoda on them!

  4. Do you at least play the horn volley so they can feel like Han and Luke for a second?

  5. I think you have to do the horn volley.

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