Groundhog Day Tidbit

Yet another 100 Best Films list from AFI. The genres they chose are kinda odd, but there is a great interview clip with Harold Ramis in which he explains the duration of Phil's existential stay in Punxsutawney in Danny Rubin's original script. He also explains Phil's ingenious mechanism for keeping track of how many Groundhog Days he's lived through.

Harold Ramis talks about how much “real” time passes for Phil Conners.

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2 comments on “Groundhog Day Tidbit

  1. I remember the first time I saw Groundhog Day, when it came out. I was truly expecting a dumb, throw-away movie. My friend and I ended up talking about it for days. I've seen it many times since, and every time, I walk away in wonder: it always seems like the first time I've seen it…weird…

  2. hahaha Deb…Ok so I've been thinking about Groundhog Day all day today since I watched the Harold Ramis clip (and I've had "I Got You Babe" stuck in my head, grreeeeaat) ok so HOLY SHIT, I totally imagined it was about like 6 months or so of repeats?! 10 YEARS? INSANITY! and 10,000 years? Yeah. Forget it.

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