The Comic Gods are Smiling on Me

I got a cryptic e-mail last week from Lo asking of I'd read Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins 2005. She also made me swear not to attempt to find it or research it at all. Um…OK.

I got a call from Beca today telling me that a package from Lori arrived with a comic book shaped parcel inside…plus Trader Joe's 73% dark chocolate!

When I got home and opened it up, there indeed was Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins 2005. Lori had also mailed me with instructions to skip the first story. I flipped open to look at the contents and see which page to start on, and my eyes landed on this double-stuff credit:
          Pg. 27 IF A MAN BE CLAY!
          Steve Purcell: Script
          Mike Mignola: Pencils

"Oh my god! Look at this!" I exclaimed holding out the book to Beca. I had the pleasure of working with Steve on the ill-fated Frankenstein feature at ILM, and was a fan of Salmon Max and Gumby's Winter Fun Special before that. And Mike Mignola – well hell, you know who he is…

What can I say? Pure awesomeness! Complete "day the mail-away Boba Fett action figure arrived" awesomeness!

Best. Batman. Story…Evar.

But wait, there's more!

I finally found Scott Pilgrim, a comic I've been looking for for months after seeing a review on TRS which reminded me that Scott McCloud featured it in is epic lecture tour and told everyone to read it immediately. After finishing my Batman comic, I dove into the Canadian-style manga, and was blown away! More pure awesomeness!

I got the same feeling reading these comics tonight that I got watching Spaced the first time:

"Hey, someone went to the trouble of making this just for me. Kind of a small audience, but…thanks!"

I'll be reading Volume 2 of Scott Pilgrim later tonight and I'll be trying desperately to find Volumes 3 and 4 in Singapore this weekend!

Yay! Awesome stuff from awesome friends written by still other aweome friends and Torontonian manga masters!  And now I've shared them with you…go get all this stuff right now. Go! I mean it. Admit it, your life could use some extra awesomeness right about now.

Gee whiz, I haven't even had the chocolate yet!

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3 comments on “The Comic Gods are Smiling on Me

  1. Dude. That arrived fast — I sent out the package last Thursday! I'm so glad you like the comic, but then I knew it'd be a Tad Leckman slam-dunk. ;)(If you can't find SP4, let me know — I have an extra copy.)

  2. Oh I forgot to ask — have you seen these shirts? I'm pretty sure I need the LUH one.

  3. You do need the LUH one! The 2001 shirts are very Tad-like. Some of them are a bit over designed for my taste. Which reminds me, I need to make the plain Jackie Treehorn Productions shirt as a more conservative compliment to the now-classic Logjammin' crew shirt…

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