Our Game is Finally Announced!


I've only had to wait a few months to be able to tell folks about the game that's being developed at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, but my friends on the game team have been toiling away for over a year in secrecy!

In any public presentation about the studio, we've all had to dance around our video game IP, usually joking about the fact that all we could tell folks was that it was a game for a handheld platform and that they had a 50% chance of guessing which.

So here's where you can find out all about it:

Official Star Wars: Clone Wars Website at LucasArts
Interview with Project Lead (and fellow giant dog owner) Feargus Carroll on IGN
"New Star Wars: The Clone Wars game coming to DS" at Pocket Gamer

This is really exciting news and the game team has been working really hard to make this an awesome game!

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2 comments on “Our Game is Finally Announced!

  1. Blisteringly fast lightsaber duels? And I can play Samuel Jackson? With a blisteringly fast lightsaber? My inner nerd is wigging out. Lately it's been sitting around sulking while my inner princess has been indulging in skirts and heels.

  2. You can play as sassy new teen jedi Ashoka! She rocks!

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