The Craft of the Censor

As you may or may not be aware, media in Singapore is censored. For the most part, it's not terribly noticable. I've encountered Internet censeorship exactly once when I tried to follow a link from digg.com to a "crazy Christian anti-gay comic" which turned out to be a Chick Publications comic. If you followed that last link outside of Singapore, you go to the website for the horrifying Christian tract publisher. If you are in SIngapore, you get this.

Anyway, it's not the quantity of Singapore's censorship that I want to address, but the quality.  This past Friday night we went to see Sex and the City and even after all the signs and warnings about "no one under 18 being admitted," it was clearly censored.

While we don't know exactly what was cut, we know exactly where it was cut from. The edit was almost comical. In the middle of a sex scene, there was a jump in the soundtrack and the image went a few sprocket holes out of frame for a second. What the…?

Then, 45 minutes later, it happened again. Start sex scene and…pop…jump. Ugly, ugly splice.

Yes, I object to censorship. But, if you have been to see a movie with me, you know I am super-sensitive to theatrical presentation. I was way more offended by the poor quality of the splices than the fact that material had been excised.

Cut between the frames people! Between the frames! I wonder where those sections of film are now and I wonder if they get put back when the prints are returned to the studio.

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1 comment on “The Craft of the Censor

  1. I wonder how hard it would be to con one's way into a Singaporean film censor job. Probably pretty hard. It'd be so awesome if they had a subversive censor in there. I have fantasies of editing SATC and leaving the sex in but removing say, exposition-heavy Mr. BIg dialogue.

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