Vacation in Thailand

While I have been on business trips to Malaysia and Indonesia since we moved to Singapore, we have not traveled as a family…until this week! Beca set us up at the Laguna Beach Resort in Phuket for three nights. We have a big suite and the photo above was taken a few steps outside our room. There are also two elephants residing at the resort who come out for breakfast every morning.

We had two days of great weather and pool/beach relaxation, and half a day of overcast touristy shopping in Patong. On the way back from Patong, we visited some nice galleries near the resort and bought two wooden monks and a wooden elephant.

Back to Singapore tomorrow…

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One Response to Vacation in Thailand

  1. Beca says:

    I'm glad we went to Patong so we can say we saw it… and don't need to visit it again any time soon. LBR was more my speed (as I'm not a drunken frat boy trying to get laid). I know Annika is missing the elephants but I'm already missing the sound of the ocean. 😦

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