Jedi Teachable Moments


I've been contemplating artwork to hang up in the Jedi Masters Program's new classrooms and offices at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. I thought it might be nice to feature moments from Star Wars when actual Jedi training was going on. I pawed through A New Hope tonight and pulled some frames. Obviously, when I hit Empire and Jedi it will be all about Yoda in a backpack and dead jedis (not the remastered Hayden Anakin ghost, by the way!).

I'm kinda scared to dig into the prequels as I feel like the formalized jedi training feels kind of hollow compared to the Ben/Luke and Yoda/Luke dynamic. And then there is that horrible kid in Phantom Menace. The Obi Wan/Quaigon stuff isn't too bad.

I'll probably grab some Obi Wan/Anakin moments from the 2D Clone Wars as well.

No jedi training in the Ewok Adventures, however, nor in the Holiday Special. Alas.

I gotta say, there is nothing like watching Alec Guiness act one frame at a time to make you appreciate how horrible the acting in the prequels is in general. He brought some latent talent out in Mark Hammil as well. Like Mifune, some of his best moments are when he's silently thinking and stroking his beard.

Now that I think about it, what we need is a studio-quality replica of that helmet with the blast shield to have in the classroom. "I suggest you try rendering that shot again, but this time let go your conscious self and act on instinct…and double-check your visibility settings…"

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  1. [esto es genial]

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