Local Animal Delights Newcomer

I was really excited when I learned that armadillos were native to Savannah. Finally to live among armored mammals! The excitement was short lived when it became clear that the only evidence I would see of my chitinous friends would be on the side of the road. I guess, like the knights of olde, the added protection comes at the price of speed.

But now, I find that one of my all-time favorite animals of all time is native to Singapore! We might be hiking through the nature preserve and run into a pangolin!

I've already spotted geckos in the serviced apartment! I was expecting geckos and I knew there were monkeys on the island, but pangolins! Oh and fruit bats!

For more reasons to envy us check this out:
Singapore Animals A-Z

And yes, JD, there are many arthropods here as well. For just a taste: Common Singapore Spiders (sponsored by BP!? WTF?)

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5 comments on “Local Animal Delights Newcomer

  1. I do not relish the looooooong list of new snake friends to be seen here. Why are they all venomous, huh?

  2. yeah dude, what up with the snakes? i just got a little shiver. pangolins rule though!

  3. ZOMG PANGOLINS!!! I… didn't realize.. pangolins AND fruit bats?! SHIT!You TOTALLY need a pet fruit bat btw.

  4. Dude those spiders are spectacular. Take lots of pictures!

  5. I forgot to confess: I'd never heard of a pangolin before, and every time you said the name I was picturing a small tropical aquatic bird – like a penguin. Armor-plated lizard wasn't even on the menu! Live and learn.

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