Movies I Purchase on Amazon

I quite liked this combo of titles that Amazon asked me to review today. This was our last order before we left for Singapore and beyond the reach of amazon.com free shipping (and into the bosom of amazon.co.uk). Something for Annika (Oswald), Something for Mom and Dad (Day Watch) and something for everyone (Rebirth of Mothra I&II)!

On a related note…for those of you who still doubt that Annika is indeed my daughter, I submit the following movie for your viewing pleasure:

Annika sings the Mothra Song at Grandma's House (for the fifth time in a row) on the eve of our departure for Singapore.

And yes, I realize I totally buried the lead  🙂

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2 comments on “Movies I Purchase on Amazon

  1. I love the meaningful pause to gaze upon the goldfish crackers.More videos, please!

  2. i too cracked up at the goldfish crackers pause. and the "…that's a lot." love!

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