Suborbital Travel, Please.

I'm in the lovely Singapore Air Business Lounge eating bannana bread pudding and downloading podcasts for my flight. I may have a cocktail before getting on the plane. When I get on the plane, I will be referred constantly to as Mr. Leckman, as in "Here is your vegetarian meal Mr. Leckman". I will be able to flatten the robotic seat to a nearly flat bed-like position. I can watch a wide variety of on-demand entertainment on my seat-back video screen (including Wonder Pets ["Save the Chimp!"] and The Little Mermaid in case I'm getting particularly homesick).

This is all swell. It still takes too damn long to travel half way around the world.

I would like to humbly request one of several options be immediately provided to world travellers:

  • Suborbital flight – Fast and futuristic
  • Airships – Slow, but you could have a nice, big personal cabin.
  • Bring back the Concorde – So smooth, the champagne doesn't slosh!

OK, I'm done whining from the opulent Business Class lounge.

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One Response to Suborbital Travel, Please.

  1. Beca says:

    If your ticket includes Lounge access, you have no right no whine. Have a cocktail and buck up!

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