New Look

I finally got around to personalizing my VOX blog. They only gave me the tools to do so months ago…sheesh!

The banner is based on my favorite desktop pattern from my salad days in the ILM art department. Each day I'd add another item as if it were another cork board in my cube. Eventually these guys got wiped out by photos of the surface of the moon that I was using as reference for a project (the final shot in Space Cowboys), but Bender and HAL kept peeking out from between shots of the lunar landscape for months.

There are old friends up there and I'll try to rotate things enough to get some more up there. There are a few gigantic reptiles and Florentine poets who are notably absent. Soon. Until then, the film guys and robots are in charge.

There are some other changes going on right now that will get their own posting soon, but until then, enjoy the new look…which is my old look from another medium.

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3 comments on “New Look

  1. Always the recycler!

  2. i love the corkboard idea. i have to rotate my banner pic every two weeks myself at bare minimum. and i see some friends of mine up there in yours too!

  3. Ah, Space Cowboys. Sadly, it'll never be as great as Space Truckers.

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