What to do When Your Friend Wets His Pants…

Maisy Mouse is another great find that I can credit to Annika. After watching dozens of delightful episodes of Maisy on Noggin, one morning I sat flabbergasted by the episode I offer here. Carve out five short minutes and watch this beautiful, practical life-lesson from Maisy and her friend Cyril..

For those of you desiring a bit higher fidelity…and who might want to download it, here's a link to a QuickTime movie on our server:

Maisy Mouse – "Oops!"

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2 comments on “What to do When Your Friend Wets His Pants…

  1. Just think how far we've come since the days of the Brady Bunch – where those poor kids had to deal with sharing a bathroom without a toilet in it – to Maisy very kindly helping Cyril with his accident by lending him pants. Go Maisy!

  2. the first part plays like the set-up in a horror film, with a similar sense of encroaching dread…i can see where this is going!!! oh no, don't drink that much water, cyril!

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