Tad in SF This Week

So I’ll be in the Bay Area from Monday-Friday schmoozing studios.
My schedule’s pretty full, but I’d love to see as many geek friends as possible.
Monday’s all travel, but I’ve got openings for breakfast/coffee Tuesday-Friday mornings at the moment.
How much tofu scramble can I eat in one week? Enough to last at least six months! πŸ™‚
I may be up for late night coffee/pie as well.
I’ve got my old PowerBook in tow (MacBook Pro is in the shop…again) and will be hopping on-line at every opportunity.
Mail me. Call me.
Tad’s Cell: (912) 856-4107
I’m staying at the Marina Motel (http://www.marinamotel.com/) on Lombard.

3 comments on “Tad in SF This Week

  1. me me me
    early coffee with me
    7:30am chez moi or in bernal AOK πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I am taking tuesday off of work, so could perhaps meet you for boogaloo tofu scramble on tuesday morning? What time are we talking about?
    As for the late night coffee/pie, I know you’ll be pretty busy and it might be hard for you to coordinate stuff, so if you’d like me to be your cruise director, just give me ideal evenings and times (what does late night mean to you, like 7pm or something *duck*), and I can make all the bestest geeks show up at a location with the bestest pie and coffee so we can all get our tad fix.
    My number: 415-722-0461. What’s your current best email address? Are you on googletalk or AIM?

  3. if you ever feel so inclined and haven’t yet been, i’d recommend stopping by a delightful saloon/pub/restaurant in your neighborhood – liverpool lil’s (2942 lyon @ lombard). you likely can’t eat much there as it’s pub food, but there is pie on the dessert menu and would be a fab place to soak in while you have a slice perhaps. http://www.liverpoollils.com/.

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