Hallowe’en High Horse

There is only one way to start this post:
What is wrong with kids today? They're not even trying! In my day, we earned our Halowe'en candy, by God!

Observed on Savannah Halowe'en 2006:
The Bad:

  • Kids without costumes. WTF? Would you ever have considered having the balls to go tricker treating in shorts and a t-shirt? So far about a quarter of the kids at our door were in street clothes. Not even fake blood trickling from the mouth.
  • The grabbing hands (grab all they can). Again, WTF? I started the evening letting kids choose a candy from the big pasta pot. That ended after the McGrabby sisters cleared out a third of our candy!
  • Not saying "Thank you" even when reminded by mom!
  • Trick-or-treating teens…without little siblings in tow!
  • Trick-or-treating teens…without little siblings in tow…or costumes!
  • Trick-or-treating adults…without children in tow!
  • Trick-or-treating adults…without children in tow…or costumes! WTF?!
  • I didn't even have time to hook up spooky sounds outside. Next year we do it up right!

The Good:

  • A little boy and girl gave Annika some of their candy at our door! My heart melted! Almost makes up for the McGrabby sisters.
  • Little black Dracula! His three older brothers were not in costume, but this dapper five-year-old gentleman had a cape, vest, medallion, teeth, blood, the works! Luckily, I didn't call him Blackula. I can't assume five-year-olds in Savannah have seen that fine film…or Pee Wee's Playhouse.
  • Lots of "Thank you"s…a few of which were prompted by moms.
  • Annika carefully placing some candy in a few trick-or-treater bags!
  • Annika was initially scared of our jack-o-lantern…but eventually said "Hi pumpkin!" They are friends now and he's not scary.
  • A little black girl wearing the exact same ballerina outfit that Annika's wearing! Her mom: "They're twins! that's so cute!"

Just Funny:

  • "Oh! look at that big ol' dog! He scary!"
  • Mom on sidewalk: "Jus' empty out all yo candy into their bags an you be done fo the night!"
  • "Y'all got any bottled water? We're thirsty!"*
  • On the satellite dish, Mommie Dearest has been running over and over on Oxygen right next door to Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street on the programming grid. Spoooooky!

*On trip number two to the store to restock on candy I got a case of little water bottles. They went fast! Who'd have thunk that the most popular treat would be water! How very Tank Girl.

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3 comments on “Hallowe’en High Horse

  1. i usually try to confound the non-costume-wearers with some reference
    to guy fawkes day and hand them a penny for the guy. but i am
    happy to report that i've had a ninja turtle, a princess, and a
    pirate. all kids i know quite well, but never you mind
    that. now i'm turning the light off and going to bed.

  2. Maybe this makes me a jerk, but I feel like I'd just say 'NO COSTUME, NO CANDY!' Cuz like, COME ON! Especially for the teens and adults. They are old enough to know how it works!

  3. Well I guess that all answered any questions I had about whether we'd even get any trick or treaters at our house! We aren't really on a busy block, but hadn't really planned on all the kids "bussing in" from other neighborhoods! I thought I had overshot getting a huge caldron of candy. Live and learn.

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