The Upside Down Show

So, Annika and I have a new favorite show.
You can keep Lost and Galactica and 24 and Arrested Development and Scrubs; give us more of The Upside Down Show.
This Austrailian co-production of the Sesame Workshop just started running on Noggin a couple weeks ago, but we were sucked in by the teaser clips last month.

The show is the brainchild of Austrailian comic team, Umbilical Brothers and I would describe it as a combination of Pee Wee's Playhouse, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Sifl and Ollie and Joel Hodgson's TV Wheel special. It's wacky and zany and uses lots of in-camera effects instead of digital effects. Shane and David combine physical/visual comedy with puns and wordplay. Oh, and no talking down to kids, either. Like Pee Wee and TMBG, these guys began as performers for adult audiences who realized that it would be fun to do something…"you know, for kids!"

During the opening of the show, Shane and David hand an invisible remote control to kids through the TV screen. Throughout the show they ask kids to help by pressing certain buttons. You know: play, rewind, pause, stumble, dark, upside down, and humungous. Just set it to record on your DVR, or remember to watch it when you're home sick.

Did I mention it also has a puppet name Puppet…and schmuzzies. Schmuzzies!

Now, can you please press the "play" button on your remote?

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2 comments on “The Upside Down Show

  1. I don't know what Schmuzzies are, but I love them!

  2. Oh, yes, Carrie, you will love them. They are like little, brightly colored tribbles…and they are attracted to rhyming! I'll capture some schmuzzies off the VDR and put up a movie for you this weekend.

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