I Blew It!

While we're getting along great with our human-powered push mower, the Leckmans have had it with raking leaves! Blisters, sore shoulders and aching backs have driven us to buy a leaf blower. I knew I didn't want a gas-powered Ghostbusters proton pack, but since I last looked at blowers (1996?), there have been big advances! We got an electric hand model. No backpack and no evil gas engine!

Holy crap! This thing really blows! I just blew the leaves (and sticks, and rocks, and acorns, and dog poop) off the back yard! Wow!

Fuck raking.

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1 comment on “I Blew It!

  1. The back yard has never looked so good! As soon as we have a sunny/non-wet day, I'll even MOW for you, Baby!

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