Attendance Optional

When you were in college, if the chair of your department sent you e-mail telling you to schedule an appointment with him, would you at least answer the mail. Not the student I'm meeting with tomorrow.
He failed a class this summer because he missed five of the twenty lectures. When I did a bit of research I found that he'd failed quite a few classes for this reason and had poor grades overall. I thought I needed to have the "come to Jesus" talk with him so I sent him e-mail. No reply.
In the first two three weeks of Fall quarter, he's already missed four lectures in two classes. So, I sent another e-mail telling him to meet with me. No reply.
Dude! I had to serve him papers! I printed out my e-mail to him on letterhead and gave it to his Fall instructors to hand to him in class!
He made an appointment and we meet tomorrow…if he shows up.

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3 comments on “Attendance Optional

  1. So four misses is a fail or five misses gets you an F?(Jeez. I can think of several classes at UCSC I didn't even show up to five times, and passed!)

  2. are you going to get all ferris bueller 'le jeux sont fait' on his ass? i think you should.

  3. Here's the update…he missed the appointment!I'm channeling Ed Rooney as we speak.

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