Everything in Moderation

Yay! I'll be moderating a panel on Superman Returns at the Savannah Film Festival in a few weeks. Coincidentally, the panel will feature Jonathan Rothbart, my former officemate from ILM and co-founder of The Orphanage, who was one of the effects supervisors on the film (bullet in the eye shot, Daily Planet roof sequences and Kitty's wild ride through Metropolis). I'll try to avoid the temptation to ask questions like these:

  • So, Jonathan, do you know what happened to my Art of the Dark Crystal book?
  • Hey, do you remember that time when we spent all night working on that animatic for Dragonheart because your hard drive crashed? That was great.
  • How did you get the nickname Captain Ron?
  • Hey, remember that time Barry Sonnenfeld showed us the chewed-up danish in his mouth via ILM's multi-million dollar satellite transmission system? That was great.

Earlier this year I moderated an education panel at SIGGRAPH in Boston. I've got more on tap panels in the works for next year, mostly as a way to hang out and chat with old friends or as an excuse to meet people I admire.

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4 comments on “Everything in Moderation

  1. I like your questions, but is that a hint that I need to start working on your personal website? Have I sent you my rates? (insert sweet smile here)

  2. You life is very rough. Very.I think you should ask how he got the nickname Captain Ron. Or at least explain it here.

  3. moderate one in SF! bring the fam!
    a girl can dream…

  4. We were looking for storm reference at ILM and were sitting in the Art Department conference room making lists of movies with big storms at sea (like White Squall). Jonathan walked by and popped his head in. When we told him what we were looking for, he exclaimed (without irony) "What about Captain Ron? That's a great movie!"He was Captain Ron from that day onward.

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