Those Friends

This has been a week of hanging out with myr favorite kind of friends, Those folks that you can put on hold for months or years and press play again the next time you see them and pick up almost in mid-conversation with no break in continuity aside from the giant hug that gets things going again.

  • My friend Todd and I have been having one extended conversation on the subject of digital media and storytelling since 1994. We dip in and out occasionally vis phone or e-mail, but the real work happens face to face. We got a good chunk in over burritos and after seeing Superman Returns together.
  • My friend Dawn and I became friends when she was getting divorced and I was settling into my new bachelor life in Marin after breaking up with Liz. Dawn loves to talk. Dawn is smart. Dawn and I are one month apart in age. Dawn possesses the same "management gene" that I do. Dawn and I have a huge number common friends and acquaintances from ILM and beyond. You cannot shut us up.
  • And Lo is on the way to pick me up for brunch right now!

Another common thread with these friends is that while we have a fine time when we are together with other mutual friends, the best stuff happens when we are each together alone. We can vomit out long diatribes or pick up threads of conversations from years ago without having to explain to anyone what we're talking about and without fear of alienating anyone.

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1 comment on “Those Friends

  1. It was so good to see you, Tad — you have been a dear, important friend to me and I am grateful.

    Please come back soon and bring B and AJ with you too, won't you?

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