Me and Mr. Joe’s

So, I'm in LA for the Visual Effects Society's annual Festival of Visual Effects. Last night I was driving back to my hotel and contemplating where to grab dinner on the way home (there are some restaurants in LA). I missed a turn and was on Culver Blvd. a bit longer than planned and saw…Trader Joe's!

I did a u-turn and went shopping for dinner. It was 100% nostalgia fest: Thin Pizzas from the refrigerated section with Taziki. This was an old lunch standby for me at ILM. I love Savannah, but TJ's is something I really miss from California. I have been going there since 1987. I remember the old "laneless" store layouts. I remember when they actually rang the bells at checkout.

I didn't feel homesick for the West Coast until I stepped into TJ's…but I did kinda feel like I was cheating on Publix.

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3 comments on “Me and Mr. Joe’s

  1. I ratted you out to Publix today. It's sullking.

  2. You also realize the new house is about 2 minutes from both Publix AND Fresh Market (which is the closest thing that maps to TJs/Whole Foods that we have here)? I'm excited!

  3. Almost as excited as me. 😉
    What should we import when we come visit? 8)

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