While Annika is doing well with her English, every once and a while she busts out with what, to our ears, sounds like a passable chunk of Mandarin. Lately, these have been interspersed with short phrases that sound like Klingon.
How bad a father would I be for actually teaching her a few “actual” Klingon phrases?
I mean she is the daughter of Be’kah and T’aad.
OK, I may have seen Daddy Daycare one time too many.

4 comments on “Qapla’!

  1. Glad to see she’s progressing nicely.
    My son will be born any day now! I’ll post a pic to my LJ when he is!

  2. Have you checked her forehead for any foam-latex ridges?

  3. As your lawyer, I recommend against teaching her Klingon.

  4. bad tad. that’s all i can say.

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