Tabula Rasa…or Deskula Rasa

My new, bare, spare office at SCAD. Those plastic ribbed jobs are my “windows.” The building’s interior space is very poorly designed. Lots of open space inside, but no actual windows. My challenge is to get all my stuff on the walls…which are plastic.

4 comments on “Tabula Rasa…or Deskula Rasa

  1. WOW that must have looked *stunning* in SketchUp or whatever the designer was using at the time.
    if it’s plastic, perhaps you can arrange for an “accident” in which some windows are “accidently” cut into the plastic.

  2. This looks like a job for SOLATUBE.
    Also, Art Center was almost exactly the same as far as being retardedly lame on interior spaces. All the offices were facing the inside, with no windows. Thusly, all the corridors, which did have the windows, were five million degrees in the summer, but the offices were still cold and dark.

    • A SOLATUBE would be awesome! The admins outside my door have a genuine skylight.
      My office is hot. That plastic stuff basically makes my office into…a greenhouse!

  3. it gives new meaning to the term sweatlodge.

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