“What’s a Enchilada?” (sic)

So, we went to Cafe Cancun II for dinner tonight. It was your typical mid-Western “Mexican” food. Lots of cheese. Not even very Tex Mex. Kinda Taco Bell on a ceramic plate (“Watch out, plate is hot.”)

Anyhow, the food was…blah and…whatever. And the food was salty. If you know what a salt vampire I am, you know that for me to say that food is salty is very meaningful. Also, the “sweet tea” was also the sweetest I’ve had yet in Georgia.

But the overpriced, bad Mexican food was almost worth the conversation between the genuine Mexican waiter and the guys in the booth behind ours:

Cracker: What’s a enchilada?
Waiter: Um, it’s a corn tortilla filled with cheese…with red sauce.
Cracker: What kid of sauce?
Waiter: Um, red.
Cracker: What’s a burrito?
Waiter: It’s like an enchilada, but with a flour tortilla and it’s also filled with beef or chicken.
Cracker: Uh, I’ll have one of those.

Holy crap! Um…what’s ice cream? What’s spaghetti? What’s a Caesar salad?

No more cactus burritos as big as your head for $5. We’re not in the Mission anymore.

2 comments on ““What’s a Enchilada?” (sic)

  1. Don’t forget the Shearly Temples also listed on the menu.
    I actually would like a description of that one.

    • for some reason I remember there being really good mexican food in the oglethorpe mall. I’ll double check the stores there. Well, at least they used to have the best arcade ever (nigh on 20 years ago, natch).
      It’s so funny to me that you guys moved to savannah. My grandparents live on Skidaway island and my great aunt (may she rest in peace) was on the board of directors at SCAD. Ask the president about Dianne Wharman.

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