Starbuck…Give Me A Break!

OK, we’re a few episodes into Season 2 of the new Galactica.

They need to frackin’ give it a rest with how gifted Starbuck is!

Best pilot in the fleet
Best cardplayer in the fleet.
Best flight instructor in the fleet.
Best marksman in the fleet.
Best security officer in the fleet.
Best interrogator in the fleet.
Best Cylon fighter mechanic in the fleet.
Gifted impressionist painter.
Best pyramid (triangular basketball) player in the fleet (could have been pro!).
Obviously the best lay in the fleet.

You know, there are two dozen other regular characters on the show. Why not spread some of the amazing gifts around?

Comment spoiler request: we have not seen any broadcast episodes, so please to not spill the beans on any upcoming examples of Starbuck’s other gifts of the gods.

4 comments on “Starbuck…Give Me A Break!

  1. Oh yeah, well she is obviously not the best whimpy presidential assistant in the fleet. Or the best drunken floozy wife. Or the best crazy schizophrenic scientist… Okay so maybe she is the best at everything that you’d actually want to be good at.
    And wait til the lost episodes come out when she single-handedly defeats the Cylons by beating their most advanced supercomputer at chess.

  2. And yet she remains one of the most screwed up, unhappy people in the fleet as well.

  3. you forgot Best Boozer in the Fleet!

  4. Oh, she won’t be the best pilot for long (see episode “Scar” for details). Um, that’s not really a spoiler, right?
    Well, Tigh has her beat for Best Drunk in the fleet.

    Oh, and Hey Tad… Jason Sereno here
    (formally at EA, now at Flagship Studios).
    Congrats on your new gig. Some of my best friends are SCAD grads!

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