Antarctic Blue Super Sports Wagon

No dead aunt in the back seat, and beloved dog safely inside the car. I kinda dig getting to park in the “Trucks and Cars with Trailers” section of rest stops. It feels a bit more manly…until Large Marge, herself, points out that one of my safety chains has come loose and is dragging on the ground. D’oh!

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7 Responses to Antarctic Blue Super Sports Wagon

  1. occlupanid says:

    that’s one hell of a google map, sir!

  2. occlupanid says:

    are you past albuquerque already? VLA isn’t too far off teh 60…

  3. sephirotic says:

    did she look…just…like…this!!!???? :E
    Inquiring Todds want to know!

  4. izzytart says:

    Is that my favorite goth dog I see peeking from the back seat? 🙂

  5. criollo says:

    Large Marge Story
    So one of my first casting jobs was finding a woman to be tough, you know, “like that chick from the Pee Wee Herman movie”. I’m new, I’m excited to call SAG locators and think I’m a badass when I get her agent’s name (in retrospect, even this is hilarious). I call him up, trying to do The Sell, and be A Pro, so I say, “We’re very interested in Alice Nunn. Her work in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was so original [blah blah blah for like 5 minutes]…”, really pitching the agent, because I want him to love the project so I can get her for cheap. Minutes pass while I yak. When I stop he says, “Well, I’m very pleased you like her work, but Ms. Nunn passed away 3 years ago.”

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