Just One Hitch

So, tomorrow Ely and I head out on the open road towing what remains of the Leckman household in a U-Haul trailer. Beca and Annika arrived in Savannah this morning and Soosh is winging his way to the East coast right this minute as air cargo.

In case you don’t have first-hand experience, or haven’t read all of the scathing web pages, I’d like to inform you that U-Haul sucks.

We needed a hitch installed on the Leckmobile to allow it to pull a trailer. We were told that the installation would take “up to two hours.”

Yeah, it took almost six!

Anyhow. A frenzy of packing for me and Ely tonight and hopefully an early start in the morning.

2 comments on “Just One Hitch

  1. Good luck to you, brother! I missed your going away due to a poorly timed class.
    Keep us updated on the happenings!

  2. I swear to god, I will never ever use U-haul ever again in my entire life. I would rather buy a truck, use it, and then sell it, than deal with those incompetent crooks. I would rather buy a truck, use it, and then let it roll backwards over me before using U-haul again. I am genuinely amazed that they continue to remain in business.
    Anyway, safe and smooth(er) journey to you!

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