Tiger, tiger burning bright…sort of.

After a few days with Tiger (OSX 10.4), I’m luke-warm on the upgrade.

Mostly, I’m unimpressed with the Mail.app upgrade. I use this application more than any other, and I was upset to find it actually lost functionality from the last version.

Feedback during mail download is gone. The application actually got less Mac-like and more Windows-like. I check several accounts from Mail.app, and the old version was really nice. When you hit the “Check Mail” button it would let you know what it was doing: “Checking tad@leckman.com, checking tleckman@academyart.edu,” etc.). Now you hit the button and nothing happens…or rather as a user, you have no idea what’s happening.

The “Scripts” menu is gone, meaning that my SpamSieve training menu items are no longer available.

You can’t move the mailbox list from one side of the screen to the other anymore.


I really want to love this upgrade.

2 comments on “Tiger, tiger burning bright…sort of.

  1. the last thing is my biggest complaint. And that said, i got used to it. but it irks me.
    The scripts menu is there, you just need to turn it on. (honestly, this is a feature for my mother-in-law, but not for me.)

  2. make sure you dump that dashboard rubbish. Unless you really need to know what the temperature is in Kuala Lumpur at any given moment. Whoever came up with that should do the right thing and fall on their sword.

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