Ballot Highlights

Now, I don’t speak Spanish, but being a native Californian and being raised on Sesame Street, some of it just sticks. In my rural South Carolina high school, I opted to take Latin, and while at UCSC, I dredged up the little German I remembered from our year in Switzerland as a kid. So the point is that I know little enough Spanish to make some of the translations on the ballot funny enough for me to write on my cheat sheet before exiting the rickety voting “booth.”

United States Senator
Look, I’m not going to vote for a Republican (unless it’sJohn McCain, the best guest Jon Stewart has ever had), but seeing the word empresario under his occupation gave me a chill. That’s only a half step under kingpin in my book.

Community College Board
As a teacher, I was happy to see that some day, when I run for school board, I’ll get the word maestro under my name.

Board of Education: County of San Francisco
Yes, we have a stripper running for school board. Um…San Francisco, people. First off, she has to make “stripper” sound a bit more…uh, classy. So she lists herself as the venerable “Escort/Exotic Dancer” but in Spanish gets a further class boost as she becomes Escolta/Balarin Exotico. Wow! It’s like the Ballet Folklorico has a racy sister, the Ballet Exotico.

So, even though I wasn’t the “First person to cast a ballot in our precinct,” I had fun in the “booth” this morning.

1 comment on “Ballot Highlights

  1. Bitter that you couldn’t fill in the lines faster and be The First Voter? I wasn’t trying to be first, for the record. I think I was the only one besides you in the first wave with my sample ballot filled out and ready to go.

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